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Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Lifting Equipment Certifications

Anode NDT performs NDT inspections for all your lifting equipment and then works with our contracted engineering firm to certify your lifting devices, keeping your company compliant with the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Digital Hardness Testing

Anode NDT performs digital hardness testing on request. Our digital hardness testers are capable of performing measurements in a variety of modes, such as Brinell and Vickers. We exceed the calibration requirements on our digital hardness testers set out by code, ensuring you receive reliable results every time.


NDT Film Digitizing and Archiving

Anode NDT has the necessary equipment to take your traditional NDT film and digitize it for storage on any mobile storage device, such as a memory stick or compact disc. This technology eliminates the need to have special viewing equipment and removes the bulk that comes along with all that film. We are not only able to provide you with a digital copy of the film for your project: with reliable organizational methods, we can also store the original NDT film at our head office and store the digital copy in our database for your future reference.

Ferrite Testing

Ferrite content analysis is a non-destructive testing method which provides critical data for austenitic stainless steel and duplex materials. The delta ferrite percentage or number allows a technical assessment of material corrosion susceptibility, mechanical properties, service suitability, and service reliability.


Digital Pit Gauging

Digital pit gauging provides our clients with accurate measurements to their external corrosion. Our digital gauges are calibrated to within 0.001″ providing our clients with effective and accurate measurements.