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Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPI)

Anode NDT offers Liquid Penetrant Inspection in Grande Prairie and Western Canada

Liquid penetrant non-destructive inspection is a reliable but inexpensive testing method, minimizing the potential of putting lives and finances at risk. When performed properly by qualified technicians, it is phenomenal at finding surface flaws in ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Its ability to locate the faintest surface flaws makes liquid penetrant useful for finding deficiencies, which tend to generate or rise to the surface.

Modern and Up to Date Equipment

We rely on well maintained, superior equipment to do our job well. All of our trucks are equipped with the most current international non-destructive testing standards and are maintained with care.

Affordable, accurate and easy to use in a variety of environments, liquid penetrant testing is an adept method of ensuring the safe, smooth operation of your equipment.

How it Works

Like magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant inspection is an affordable and efficient method of testing equipment for surface defects. But while magnetic particle inspection only works on ferrous (magnetizable) materials, liquid penetrant can be used on both ferrous (magnetizable) and non-ferrous (non-magnetizable), hard, non-porous surfaces.

Once the surface of the material is thoroughly cleaned, a penetrant (dye suspended in liquid) is applied to the examination surface and left to penetrate for a given period. Once this period has expired and sufficient capillary reaction has been achieved, the excess penetrant is removed from the examination surface and a developer is applied. This developer draws out any dye that has penetrated surface breaking indications, resulting in a visible presentation of the deficiency. It is at this point that the technician will evaluate the flaw.


Digital Reporting and Database

Our easy to understand digital reports will be archived for easy access in the future. These reports will include a digital image of the specimen inspected for future reference.

Professionally Test and Evaluate the Integrity of Your Assets

Put your operation in the hands of our local professionals and ensure your parts are free of deficiencies and defects. At Anode NDT, you’re guaranteed to get a multi-ticketed, certified, competent and experienced technician, familiar with the most current safety codes and industry recommended practices.


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We Meet and Exceed Safety and Code Compliances

Safety is paramount to Anode NDT: both our technicians and our procedures prioritize efficiency and safe work practices.

  • All Anode NDT procedures are ABSA demonstrated and backed with CGSB / ASNT Level III certified support.
  • We proudly hold ASNT Level II certification.
  • Our in-house safety program is ISNetworld , ComplyWorks and COR compliant.